How To Keep Your Employees Motivated?

One of the biggest concerns of every employer is to keep the employees motivated and satisfied. Failure to do so leads to mass resignation, dissatisfaction amongst employees, lack of security and safety, and more. Unfortunately, although the organizations arrange for employee on-boarding and employee satisfaction programs, they aren’t very effective in generating the expected results. This is why you must pay special attention to how your employees feel and if their motivation is dwindling by any means.

Since it is not easy to understand what your employees are going through, especially when we are talking about a large corporation working from different locations, you have to implement policies and other ideas to inspire them. You can find some of the best ways to do so in the below section.

Appreciate Them for Everything They Have Done

As an employer, your first duty is to appreciate your employees for everything they do regularly, even if it means walking for two to three hours a day. If their efforts bring success to your business, you must let them know how grateful you are to have them by your side. Always remember your company can never function without your employees. Due to their contribution, your business is operating successfully, and if you do not appreciate their actions, it will lead to demoralization and dissatisfaction.

Establish Nomination and Award Programs

It is the culture of most multinational companies to give awards and nominations to their employees every year. While many people associate these events with a chance to get promotions or hikes in salary, the reality is much different. These functions or events are a way to motivate the employees and let them know the stakeholders are pleased with their contributions to the organization. When you give someone a certificate or the title of the best employee of the year, you indirectly motivate that person to give their best of the best the next time.

Be a Good Leader and Not Just a Manager

You should be a leader and not just a manager or employer. The duties of a leader are more than what our eyes perceive. They not only lead a team towards success but also inspire and motivate every member. It can be through words, appreciation, actions, or anything. Even a simple gesture of thanking you at a stressful time can quickly bring a smile to your employee’s face, assuring them that you acknowledge their actions, no matter how small it is.

Communicate With Employees and Understand Their Pain Points

The next thing you must do is communicate with your employees properly and understand their pain points. Failure to do so might lead to severe consequences like resignations, disappointment in your employees, silent revolts, loss of interest in work, and so on. Therefore, you must start a forum or feedback channel to understand whether your employees are satisfied with the work culture or not.


Now you know how you can keep your employees motivated, ensure you implement a maximum of the policies, and transform the walking culture so your employees can feel welcomed. In addition, you should also pay attention to their mental health and reduce stress from the work ambiance.

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